modular kitchen price in Siliguri

Best-In-Class Modular Kitchen In Siliguri To Bring Home

Add productivity and elegance to your cooking area with modular setups. These pre-made constructions involve highly sustainable materials, like solid wood, plywood, particleboard, MDF, stainless steel, chipboard. There, your setups run flourishingly.

The approach to refurbishing your kitchen appearance tells of its functionality. When designers plan the layout, they put flawless effort to make your kitchen appear more effective in terms of usability. Contact Renaisance Kitchen & Home Solutions to get the finest modular kitchen in Siliguri.

Based on your cooking type, your designer at Renaisance Home Solutions ensure a guide to a perfect layout. A wide range of options to choose from; top-notch modular designs include:

  • L-Shaped Layout
  • Straight Layout
  • U-Shaped Layout
  • Parallel/Galley Layout
  • G-Shaped Layout
  • Island Layout
modular kitchen price in Siliguri

Get your home the most convenient layout. Service providers give you the choicest design that complements your interior fully. Find out the trendy, appropriate composition to improve kitchen vibes.

Not everyone has a roomy cooking space. But to make it visually spacious, the latest kitchen designs await you. Have promising alterations in your cooking space with the mastery of manufacturers.

Experts map out their plans in a way that you can do well out of such a design. With artistry, designers simplify the layout for you. Since every home vibes differently, they capably catch the tone of your home to give it a strategic form.

Why Get a Modular Kitchen?

A modern setup provides:

  • Better Storage
  • Great Flexibility
  • A1 Durability
  • Affordable Delivery
  • Personalized Features
  • Easy Upkeeping
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No extra prices to pay for installation since it’s a cost-effective delivery. A simple design turns your cooking space more practical with a clutter-free presentation. Let your designer plan the most suitable arrangement for your interior.

Reach out to your service provider to avail of a budget-friendly modular kitchen price in Siliguri. Access to a reputed dealer establish sustainable experience and relationship. Have inquiries prior to receiving this service? Do connect with our team at your convenience.

Professionals are all set to provide you with an after-installation helping hand. Feel free to get in touch with Renaisance Kitchen & Home Solutions whenever needed. Benefit your interior with a dynamically arranged livelier kitchen. Enjoy great deals on kitchen appliances; enjoy purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What appliances come with a modular kitchen?

Several items accommodate a modular kitchen depending upon your need. Here are some appliances that include a modular kitchen

Hob or cooktop for cooking

  • Sink
  • Chimney
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Fryer
2) What is the best modular kitchen design?

L-shaped kitchens are one of the best-selling kitchen layouts. But Parallel or Galley shaped layout works well in small spaces.

3) What materials used in a modular kitchen?

The most popular material used in a modular kitchen is Boiling Water Resistant ply or BWR and Boiling Water Proof ply or BWP.

4) What accessories make a modular kitchen look smarter?

Accessories that people often like to install in their modular kitchens are Drawers containing wire baskets, cutlery organizers etc.

Tall units with basket storage.

  • Oil pull-outs
  • Corner units
5) How much does it cost to install a modular kitchen in my house?

It depends on your requirements and taste. But the cost of a modular kitchen typically starts from 1 lakh.

6) I have a small kitchen. Can I install a modular one?

The idea of Modular kitchens is to make more spaces in a smaller area using amusing modern designs. Still, you have to consult experts to make a better idea.

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