Exclusive Kitchen Chimney In Siliguri For Quality Cooking

A healthy kitchen is a reason for a healthy home. To keep its essence intact, the significance of setting up a kitchen chimney is so good as to be unequaled. You must know that Indian cuisines take a good portion of oil and spices for frying and grilling purposes.

And guess what? All that fumes spewed by cooking cover your interior, making it completely smoked up. What about your kitchen tiles and wall? Well, no need to ponder so much! It’s just an appliance that has a modern mechanism to protect your kitchen aura by all means. Speak to your deal today and get the latest kitchen chimney in Siliguri for better cooking.

Why Buy An Auto Cleaning Chimney For Your Kitchen?

Install and see the wonder of India’s first auto-cleaning kitchen chimney:

  • Touch-Free Purification
  • Filter Less High-Power Suction
  • 100% Copper Winding Motors
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Shop From Your Best Kitchen Chimney Dealer In Siliguri

Have the benefits of the latest technology installed in the exclusively built kitchen solutions. From basic to advanced appliances, the touch of high-tech mechanization makes living easier than ever. Renaisance Kitchen & Home Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is your one-stop destination for a wide range of kitchen devices in Siliguri.

Modern kitchen appliances have their own significance for your cooking space. As they give you a quality experience of cooking, your standard of living improves. Therefore, you require less time for looking after your cooking and health. Get smoke, heat, fumes, and an odor-free kitchen by resting on a chimney. Contact a reputed kitchen chimney dealer in Siliguri and enhance your home comforts.

Have A Look At Our All-Inclusive Kitchen Appliances

Simplify your kitchen tasks with an incredible range of modern appliances:

  • Auto Cleaning Chimney
  • RO Water Purifier
  • 14 Place Setting Dishwasher
  • Flexible Hobs for LPG & NG
  • Built-In Microwaves & Ovens
  • Finest Cooktops with Auto Ignition Mode

Why Modular Kitchen In Siliguri Is Worth Investing In

Wish to have a more organized cooking space? Then you’re in the right place! Renaisance Kitchen & Home Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has an expert team of designers and manufacturers striving promisingly to implant creativity and practicality into your kitchen. To get clear ideas, call your service provider now. With the productive work of experts, expect quality out-turns only.

The term modular denotes modern. A modern kitchen is designed to make the most of your cooking area. It comes in units/modules; materials used in forming the setup include - high-quality PLYWOOD/MFD, or stainless steel - that is resistant to moisture, termites, and borers. Check out the exclusive modular kitchen in Siliguri for a customized interior.

Designers with their expertise not only add a style quotient to your kitchen but also enhance the functionality of the setting in every possible way.

Benefits Of Designing Your Kitchen Interior

Get a host of perks of turning your kitchen into a modular one, making your space a dynamic hub of your home:

  • High-Storage Value
  • Amazing Space Management
  • Maximized Utility
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Flexibility & Durability
  • Cost-Effective Project

Decorate Your Kitchen With Interior Designer In Siliguri

Being around a sublime settlement is what makes you feel more comfortable, secure, and motivated. And designers know well about that! Interior design is to renovate your home, office, and apartment in order to maximize the value of the space with an aesthetic touch.

With a perfect proportion of artistic standards and scientific discipline, designers map out the best plan for your setting. The beauty of your apartment lies in its functionality. Let experts unlock grace through their artistry. If you want a customized design, connect with your interior designer in Siliguri.

Excellent Perks Of Using An Interior Designer

Expert designers are all set with their approach to:

  • Save Your Time & Money
  • Get Your Home A Perfect Look
  • Make Your Interior More Functional
  • Add Your Idea To Your Home Interior
Introducing The Latest RO Water Purifier In Siliguri

To purify water is to remove undesirable concentrations from the drinking water, making it clean and safe. Clean water smells good, also tastes good. And that’s what water purifies do with their state-of-art mechanism to remove all the suspended particles from water. Be sure the water you drink is healthy. RO purified water is excellent for your health.

Like a kitchen chimney, a water purifier provides you with a wide range of benefits. From digestive health to skin, look after your overall wellbeing. Ensure the best health for your family by setting up an RO (reverse osmosis) water purifier in your kitchen. Buy RO water purifier in Siliguri from a trusted brand to boost the liveliness of drinking water.

Popularity Behind Using RO Water Purifier:

  • Give Your Immunity A Boost
  • Taste Good
  • Trap Heavy Metals
  • Enhance Your Metabolism
  • Improve Your Skin & Hair
  • Promise No Germ Containing Water

Access to the right home & kitchen solutions aid in your day-to-day activities. So, bring the devices that you feel you need so as to have ease of performing household tasks, like - cooking, washing, or keeping your kitchen objects safe. Sustainable products ensure sustainable utilization by all means; happy purchasing.



From india's first auto clean to self clean chimneys

When it comes to customer convenience, Kutchina is the first to deliver. Our range of self-clean chimneys take convenience to an all new high. From the makers of India's first auto-clean chimney now you can find a new intelligent chimney that cleans without a hassle and adds convenience and value to customers’ time.

  • Touch Free Cleaning

    Innovative solution that breaks away from the need of buttons to make cleaning easy and very convenient.

  • Filter Less for Great Suction

    High suction capacity based with intelligent technology & strong suction power, kutchina chimney improves aesthetics of your kitchen

  • 100% Copper Winding Motors

    Sturdy machines made with alloy and metal to deliver chimney that works longer

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Guaranteed power and convenience for a lifetime with warranty on every product



Cooking convenience in style

Kutchina's cooking hobs are ergonomically designed considering Indian cooking style that add convenience and save time. Our brass burners are specially fit for Indian cooking and encompass safety features that make cooking a stress-free and joyous experience.

  • Aesthetic Designs

    Sleek designs, vibrant colours and innovative solutions bring power and elegance to suit evolving customer tastes.

  • Flexible use for both NG and LPG

    Kutchina Hob can work on both LPG and NG options. Thus, giving the end user the flexibility of use

  • Brass burners and metallic knobs

    The long lasting knobs have been ergonomically designed for a longer comfortable experience

  • Built-in safety measures

    Flame Failure Device automatically cuts off the gas supply if the flames goes off

  • CE certification

    Aesthetic and innovative products that comply with international standards of health, safety and energy efficiency to add convenience and commitment to customers life.



Top of the line range that keeps convenience on top

Sleek designs, soft touch buttons, safety features and compatibility with Indian cooking makes Kutchina cooktops, on top of customer minds.

  • Zero Wastage

    Metal ring washer for concentrated flames.

  • Heavy Duty

    Single joint frame for stronger and lost lasting body

  • Hassle Free

    Auto Ignition with soft touch button to enjoy the hassle free cooking

  • Security

    3 years on glass warranty

Built-In Microwaves & Ovens

Built-In Microwaves & Ovens

Built in excellence and innovation

Kutchina's oven and microwave range come built-in with convenience and aesthetic design sensibilities. Our one touch opening doors elevate the cooking experience. The auto-cook programs offer customers a menu of 10 Indian and European dishes with a platter of choice, convenience, luxury, safety and delight.

  • 10 Auto Cooking Programs

    10 Auto-cooking Programs Menu - Kutchina BI Microwave Oven comes with 10 Indian and European cooking menu options-such as soup, cake, pizza, pasta etc

  • Child Lock

    Child/ Safety Lock - The child lock function of your Kutchina BI Microwave Oven prevents accidental program changes and stops children playing with the controls while appliance is running

  • Electric Control Touch Door

    Electronic Control Touch Opening Door Kutchina BI Microwave Oven comes with Touch Opening Door unlike the orthodox push button doors available in the market

  • 9 Pre-Set Functions

    Equipped with 9 Functions — Kutchina BI Oven comes with defrost, bottom heat, convectional cooking, convection with fan, radiant grilling, double grilling, double grilling with fan, lamp and convection functions.



Clean technology to clear up every day chores

Kutchina's energy efficient dishwashers offer flexibility to choose more space and add convenience with its 14 place settings menu. Its unique delay feature gives customers the opportunity to set time. These clean machines with advanced technology, ease daily chores and bring a smile.

  • 14 Place Setting

    14 Place Setting - Kutchina Dishwashers come with 14 place settings which means now you will always have that extra space

  • Child Lock

    Child/ Safety Lock - The child lock function of your Kutchina Dishwasher prevents accidental program changes and stops children playing with the controls while the appliance is running

  • Delay Function

    Delay Function — This function allows the user to set a time when the Dishwasher needs to start it’s operation.

  • Digital Display Interface

    Digital Display Interface KutchinaDishwashers comes equipped with a digitaldisplay, which indicates the program time,error indication & mode

Water Healthfire

Water Healthfire

Transforming purifier to healthifier

Range of healthifiers that go beyond purifying water. The water healthifiers, not only purifies the water but also infuses it with essential minerals and antioxidants to help improve immunity ensuring, your family's health.

  • A0 Technology

    Anti-oxidant rich water for easy everyday detox

  • 10 Stage Filteration

    Complete 10 step filteration process to give you the best that you desrve

  • Mineral Enriched

    Adding essential minerals to help improve immunity

  • Built in Water Hardness Display

    Digital display to check water hardness level that helps you keep in check on purity of water

Our Product

HB 4B Eco BL 78 Premium

Finish : ,

Size : 685 * 475

Generation :

Technical Specifications :

  • Burner Ring / Cap :   Enamel
  • Burner Spreader :  Aluminium
  • Pan Support Type : Enamel
  • Burner Power (135mm) : 3.5 + 3.5 Kw
  • Burner Power (75mm) :  1.75 + 1.75  Kw
  • Burner Power (55mm) : NA
  • Ignition (battery 1.5v) : Pulse Ignition
  • Gas Type : LPG 2800 PA
  • Glass : 8mm Tempered Glass
  • Product Dimension (WxDxH) (MM) : 780 *450 * 120
  • Cut Size (WxD)(MM) : 685 * 475


Key Points :

  • Europian Burners
  • Compatible with both LPG & NG
  •  Metallic Knobs

HB 3BG DLX MF Premium

Finish : Matte,

Size : 685 * 405

Generation :

Technical Specifications :

  • Burner Ring / Cap :   Brass
  • Burner Spreader :  Aluminium
  • Burner Power (135mm) / Triple Ring : 3.5 + 3.5 Kw
  • Burner Power (100mm) / Triple Ring :  NA
  • Burner Power (68mm) / Dual Ring : NA
  • Burner Power (55mm) / Single Ring : 1.0 Kw
  • Ignition (battery 1.5v) : Pulse Ignition
  • Gas Type : LPG 2800 PA
  • Glass : 8mm Tempered Glass
  • Pan Support Type : Cast iron (Matte Finish)
  • Product Dimension (WxDxH) (MM) : 780 *450 * 130
  • Cut Size (WxD)(MM) : 685 * 405

Key Points :

  • Brass Burners
  • Compatible with both LPG & NG
  •  Metallic Knobs

Purica Excel Plus Premium

Finish : ,

Size : 360 X 224 X 470 mm

Generation :

Technical Specifications:

  • Installation Type: Wall Mounting
  • Storage Tank Capacity:  7L
  • Purification Stages : 9
  • Purification Type :   RO+UV
  • Power Consumption : 25 Watt
  • Membrane Type :  TFC
  • Water Inlet Pressure : > 0.2 kg/cm2
  • TDS Reduction :  90 – 95%
  • Production Capacity : 7.8 – 15 L/Hr
  • Indicator : LED Indicator
  • Product Dimension :  360 X 224 X 470 mm

Key Points :

  • TDS Control
  • UV LED
  • Anti-Oxidant & Minerals
  • pH Balance
  • Backwash

Titan Premium

Finish : Stainless Steel,

Size : 90cm

Generation :

Technical Specifications:

  • Suction (M3/H) : 1600+50 M3/Hr
  • Switch Control: Touch Control
  • Illumination Type:  LED
  • Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz): AC 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Noise Level (dBA): 56DB
  • Duct Diameter (mm): 170mm

Key Points :

  • Intelligent Auto Clean
  • Filterless
  • Power Saving LED
  • Touch Interface

Leo Premium

Finish : Brown,

Size : 60cm

Generation : 3rd

Technical Specifications :

  • Suction (M3/H) : 850+50 M3/Hr
  • Switch Control: Push Button
  • Illumination Type: Incandescent Lamp
  • Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz): AC 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Noise Level (dBA): 52DB
  • Duct Diameter (mm): 150 mm

Key Points :

  • 3rd Generation Dry Auto-Clean
  • Filterless

3 Door

Finish : ,

Size :

Generation :

Module Option


Carcas option

  • - Wenge Finish
  • - White Finish

Shutter Option

  • - Wenge Finish
  • - White High Gloss

Stretching imagination for more convenience



Chimneys with fiterless & oil collector technology Cleaning with the help of Soap Water



Again water clean technology with increased efficiency in cleaning



With a single touch chimney can clean itself automaticaly



Powered by Al, chimney sets self-cleaning schedules as per cooking frequency & duration