Frequently Asked Questions


Basically auto clean chimneys facilities zero or least maintenance. In auto clean chimney separate oil collector is provided. Whatever oil particles present cooking fumes are collected in this collector. All you need is to press “auto clean” control button while cooking.

I-Auto clean is an updated technology of Auto clean. A kitchen chimney can clean the oil particles which would deposit inside the machine, without even any button pressing. A modern electronic sensor is being used to monitor the dirt deposition which would help to clean the machine mechanically.       

Does excess temperature break the tempered glass in the gass hob?

Tempered glass is generally very effective in heat tolerance, but there is a safety precaution you must follow, never wipe the glass with damp clothes right after cooking. It produces instant heat that may call upon emergency help.

What is the safety device?FDD(flame failure device) in hobs?

Safety device or FDD in the gas prevents accidental gas outflow. if ever during the cooking process flame erupts, here FDD immediately stops the gas supply to the burner.

Can I use the same hob for LPG and CNG?

Yes, you can, Kutchina Gas Hobs are well suited for both LPG and CNG gases.

Do gas hobs consume more LPG than ordinary gas ovens?

Yes, they do while ensuring less cooking time by high energy conversion.

What is AO technology?

AO technology refers to adding antioxidants properties to the water, which is prominently present in Kutchina RO water purifiers.

Benefits of antioxidants-

  • Boosts immune system
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Improves metabolism
  • Assists fat loss
  • Keeps a proper pH balance in the body
  • Corrects blood circulation
  • Reduces blood sugar levels and cholesterol
Does RO filtration remove essential minerals from water?

During the filtration procedure, certain minerals with solid particles get trapped by the membrane. But Kutchina RO water purifiers have a mineral candle installed, where at the end of the filtration process water goes to the ‘mineral candle’ and comes up with ensuring essential minerals in your water.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

The reverse osmosis process uses a partial membrane that permits water to flow through it at the same time trapping all the dense particles, ions from reaching your drinking water.

What is RO (reverse osmosis) and How Effective It is Compared to Other Filteration Methods?

RO is the most effective and advantageous procedure for water filtration present day. reverse osmosis is one of the finest water purification techniques that involve a semi-permeable membrane to detach ions, unessential molecules, and heavy particles from potable water. Kutchina ensures your good health.

What is 3rd Generation Auto-Clean?

It’s the advanced version of the first two generations auto-clean. Kutchina is the founder of auto-cleaning technology, giving you a hassle-free procedure, where you just need to press the auto-clean button. And that’s it, the machine will itself start purifying the impurities inside the room.

Should I Use Exhaust Fan and Chimney Together?

No, because if you run them together, the exhaust fan can directly affect the chimney's air suction consistency.

Can a Chimeny work in an Open Kitchen?

Yes, it does work, but the absorption power should at least be 1200m3/hr or more.

Does a Chimney Consume a Lot of Power/Electricity?

The maximum power consumed by a chimney is valued at 300-400 watts. Since all parts of a chimney are not going to run together, the average consumption automatically dropped to 120-200 watts.

Chimney VS Exhaust Fan

Let’s keep it clear, kitchen fans or exhaust fans are only vent the smoke out of the kitchen, here the advancement of the chimney goes with 5X more efficacy.

The kitchen chimney restores the fresh air, thus keeping a healthy kitchen ambiance in your home.

How does Kitchen Chimney work?

A kitchen chimney or a kitchen hood is designed to suck out the air inside your kitchen, absorbs the heat, and catches all the grease particles through its filters, keeping your kitchen cool, clean, and odor-free.

It contains three major components- a capture panel to hold the rising gasses, one or more grease filters (as per the chimney type), and a fan (tangible blower) for forced ventilation.