4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Kitchen Chimney

4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Kitchen Chimney


The guidance makes life easier. Here reading this blog may make buying an ideal chimney for your cooking space easier. We all know the purpose of this appliance, such as ensuring a smoke-free interior ambiance or oil-free walls. These days, technologies have offered auto-clean setup. There you no need to look for frequent maintenance.

Not all cooking areas look the same. Therefore, purchasing a random design may not serve well. Feel free to seek expert advice since they’re always there to guide you. A good number of chimney designs are available in the market. Chose the suitable one. Connect with the most reputed kitchen chimney dealer in Siliguri city.


Tricks To Pick Out The Best Chimney Design

Read on to have further insights into four ways to find out the right kitchen chimney:

1. Size of the Appliance

An inappropriate size can create inconvenience. Thus, let your service provider know about the size of your cooking space/shape and stove. The size of appliance should be a little bigger than your stove’s so as to let it absorb smoke emitted from it effectively. 60cm to 90cm-wide chimneys works great for two and three-burner stoves. Listen to what your dealer suggests.

2. Suction Type

Suction power should be on your focus. The more often you cook, the higher the suction power you need. Plus, the cuisine category matters. For example, if you cook certain Indian foods that involve good amounts of spices, and oil, the suction capacity should be based on that. Or, if you cook foods involving low amounts of oil or spices, you can go for a medium suction capacity appliance. Best to know from your dealer.

3. Ducted or Ductless Hood

Choosing the type of exhaust hood is one of the vital aspects here. There’s no doubt ducted chimneys are better for removing steam, and humidity emitted by cooking. While on the other side, ductless chimneys are more convenient in terms of installation. You can fix it anywhere that seems good for you. Moreover, both of these have pros and cons. Let your expert guide you. However, choices depend on you.

4. Mounting Design

The existing layout of your cooking space informs you about what style of appliance you need to choose. In case both designs don’t complement each other, the convenience may turn into inconvenience. Let us give you a glimpse. A wall-mounted chimney is for cooking stoves against the wall, ensuring a modern look. For a modular kitchen in Siliguri, reach out to a trusted service provider.

Built-in chimneys are suitable for stoves including three to six burners and installed inside the wooden furniture of the kitchen. Island chimneys work great where stove is in the middle of your cooking area. If you have an island modular kitchen layout, experts tell you the best design suitable. Likewise, you can match two styles for a better ambiance in your cooking space.

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