3 Things To Consider Before Installing Modular Kitchen

3 Things To Consider Before Installing Modular Kitchen


A little study prior to buying a modular setup for your cooking space is worth doing. The craze for modern kitchen settings is increasing promisingly. Do you think it's because of its sleek appearance? The functionality ensured by these modules makes your kitchen tasks effortless. And, finally, the clutter-free, spacious ambiance appears incredibly.

This blog talks about three things that help select an ideal kitchen layout. Many a time, we wish to buy a new product. Often we end up confusing ourselves by thinking if it’s a good fit or worth the money. Well, reading this blog can assist in deciding a suitable one. Find out the best modular kitchen in Siliguri atbudget-friendly rates.

Read on to have ideas:

1. Layout Planning

Knowing what layout can be ideal for enhancing the workflow is essential. Focus on the existing structure of your cooking area. Do not just go for trendy designs. Did you know if your try to fit an improper design to your cooking area can reduce the workflow of the place? Yes, it does.

Plan a design based on the golden triangle rule, involving a distance of three focal points, ranging from 4 to 9 feel. Such focal points include the sink, stove/cooktop, and refrigerator. Talk to your expert interior designer so as identify the best layout to increase the efficacy of the cooking interior.

2. Material Planning

Choosing materials for the modern layout is another important factor here. Share your budget goals with your service provider in this regard. So that depending on your budget, your manufacturer can guide you. Boiling water resistance materials have promising durability. Different materials include different prices. PVC is one of the most economical materials used in manufacturing modular setups but may not be durable enough.

Using materials resistant to termites or borers is important. Materials like marble are vulnerable to staining. Stainless steel, granite, BWR/boiling waterproof plywood, or solid wood are some durable materials you can use. Get guidance from your expert.

3. Storage Optimization

No matter how much sleek your kitchen looks. If your cooking area lacks storage capacity, installing modern setups makes no sense. Inform your designer about your storage requirements in order to keep your kitchen accessories and products secure. For kitchen appliances, you may connect with your kitchen chimney dealer in Siliguri.

Designers know how to make use of every nook and corner of an interior so as to retain the exclusive symmetry of the place. Specific sections look after different purposes, keeping spices, accessories, electronic gadgets, dry kitchen ingredients, pots, utensils, bottles in order. You can also optimize the design as you desire. Choose a color combination or texture variation. Moreover, it's always wise to have expert advice before implementation. 

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